Driftless Film Festival


In a snow-covered Midwestern town, a young man committed to the church seeks to reconnect with his estranged, drug-dealing brother, forcing them to confront their inner demons, redirecting the course of their lives.

Don’t Come Back From The Moon

When all of the men from a remote desert town in California leave their families, their children must search for guidance, love and family connection.

En Algun Lugar

Both Abel and Diego have waited a long time for the love they have yearned for. After several chance meetings the two finally hook up and quickly fall deeply for each other. But Diego has been hiding a secret: he’s an undocumented immigrant and his repeated attempts to attain citizenship have led nowhere. When word reaches him that his mother is dying, Diego must decide whether or not to risk a trip back to Mexico, knowing he will jeopardize his chances of returning to America and to a future with Abel.

June Falling Down

After wandering aimlessly for a year after her father’s death, June is returning home to Wisconsin for Harley’s wedding – her best friend and the love that might have been. Now, lost in grief over her father’s cancer, she’s not quite ready to let Harley go so easily.

Keep Talking

Keep Talking follows four Alaska Native women fighting to save Kodiak Alutiiq, an endangered language now spoken by less than 40 remaining fluent Native Elders. Sadie, 13, is inspired to begin learning the language and dances of her ancestors. Instead of getting swept up in the wake of historical trauma, these women overcome personal demons and build toward a brighter future. Keep Talking reveals the ultimate impact of language and culture revitalization; joy and hope.


At age 90, Merle has a lot to do. A devout follower of Lawsonomy, a utopian movement begun by Alfred Lawson, inventor of the first passenger airliner, Merle feels Lawson provided the answers to many of America’s economic and social problems. So why was Lawson written out of the history books? And why isn’t anyone listening?

Roller Life

Follow a Brewcity Bruisers Milwaukee Roller Girls’ season on and off the track in this feature length documentary. Get unprecedented access to how the players balance the sport, a career, and their personal lives. Explore the challenges these women face playing a female-dominated sport in a male-dominated society.

Signature Move

A Muslim lesbian from Chicago cares for her TV-obsessed mother and falls in love with a wrestler.

Woman On Fire

Woman on Fire follows Brooke Guinan, the first openly transgender firefighter in New York City. A character-driven documentary, the film follows Brooke as she sets out to challenge perceptions of what it means to be transgender in America today.