Driftless Film Festival
Date Time Film Tickets
Thu, 11.3 7:00 pm


Paired with short film Confession Day (Q&A with screenwriter Zack Zupke)

Fri, 11.4 2:00 pm

Livestock On The Land

Paired with short film Tango

5:00 pm

Mama Bears

Paired with short film Jesse James (Q&A with filmmaker Josef Steiff)

8:00 pm

Trace The Line

Q&A with filmmakers

Paired with short film Decolonizing Dinner

Sat, 11.5 10:00 am

DFF Kids! Featuring Stage Presents


1:00 pm

Driftless Short Film Series

Curated and presented by Key Media’s Michael Keeney

Filmmaker Q&A

5:00 pm

Sharp Stick

Paired with short films Pandemia and Hellscape (Q&A with actor Julia Dailey and filmmaker Sam Sorenson)

8:00 pm

How (Not) To Build A School In Haiti

Q&A with filmmaker Jack Newell

Paired with short films Spontaneous and Not You (Q&A with filmmaker Lori Felker)

Sun, 11.6 11:30 am

Riotsville, U.S.A.

Paired with short film Beware of the Leopard

2:00 pm

The American Dream And Other Fairy Tales

Paired with short film Opengate Shutdown (Q&A with filmmakers)

5:00 pm

Roots Of Fire

Paired with short film People Of The Port (Q&A with filmmakers Claudia Looze and Anthony Wood)