Driftless Film Festival
Date Time Film Tickets
Thu, 11.4 7:00 pm Finding Loren

Paired with short films Jump Around and You Never Take Me Anywhere

Q&A with filmmakers Paul Iannacchino, Claudia Looze, and Anthony Wood

Fri, 11.5 2:00 pm The Place That Makes Us

Paired with short film Kill The House Lights

5:00 pm The Falconer

Paired with preview of Trace The Line (includes Q&A with filmmakers Alexandro Miranda Cruz and Noel Cruz)

8:00 pm Who You Think I Am

Paired with short film Last Straw (includes Q&A with filmmakers Lance Catania and Julia Deane)

Sat, 11.6 11:30 am At The Video Store

Paired with short film The Other Shoe (includes Q&A with filmmaker Michael Keeney)

2:00 pm No Straight Lines: The Rise Of Queer Comics
5:00 pm Driftless Short Film Series

Assembled and presented by Key Media’s Michael Keeney, titles include: One Foot In, Stitch in Thyme, flour & eggs, Feed, What We Leave Behind, No Wrong Decision, and A Vampire in Mineral Point

Filmmaker Q&A after each short film

8:00 pm Cecily And Lydia At The Waypoint

Q&A with filmmakers Christina Shaver, Juliette Strangio, Ellie Hall, and Amy Limpinyakul

Paired with short film The Last Supper

Sun, 11.7 11:30 am For The Left Hand
2:00 pm Falling For Figaro
5:00 pm Real Soul: A Gospel Music Story

Paired with short film The Unfortunate Adventures of YarnBoy (includes filmmaker Q&A)