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Livestock On The Land

Friday, November 4, 2:00 pm | 2022 | United States | Runtime: 01:17 | Buy Tickets

Paired with short film Tango

In broad-brush, Livestock on the Land is a story about regenerative grazing and its promise for the Iowa landscape. Up close, however, it’s a story about people – the farmers driven by love of family, land and livestock to seek more resilient solutions, and the community that emerges when livestock are on the land.

The film goes beyond the science to show how livestock are central threads connecting people, diversifying farms, protecting soil and water, and anchoring rural communities.

When livestock leave, so do the people. Livestock on the Land shows the reverse: how livestock can re-people our rural communities by giving farmers a chance to get started, grow businesses, provide for their families, work together and bring back the next generation to sustain the cycle.