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No God, No Master

Terry Green

Wednesday, November 1, 7:00 pm | 2013 | United States | Runtime: 94m | Buy Tickets

🎬 Q&A with filmmaker

Paired with short film We’ll Want For Nothing (Q&A with filmmaker)

When a series of package bombs shows up on the doorsteps of prominent politicians and businessmen in the summer of 1919, U.S. Bureau of Investigation Agent William Flynn (David Strathairn) is assigned the task of finding those responsible. He becomes immersed in an investigation that uncovers an anarchist plot to destroy democracy. Inspired by true events of the 1920s the film sets the stage for a timely thriller with resoundingly similar parallels to the contemporary war on terrorism and the role government plays to defeat it.

David Strathairn
William Flynn
Ray Wise
A. Mitchell Palmer
Terry Green
Terry Green
Suzy Elmiger
Paul Sanchez
Strata Productions