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Driftless Short Film Series

Friday, November 3, 6:00 pm | Buy Tickets

🎬 Q&A with filmmakers in attendance

The Driftless Short Film Series continues DFF’s tradition of highlighting groundbreaking short films during the festival. This year’s series features selections from the Madison chapter of this year’s 48 Hour Film Project. This event is part of a global event that takes place on different weekends in more than 100 cities throughout the year. In each city, local teams — beginners and professionals alike — compete to make a short film in only a weekend. Enjoy cutting edge filmmaking and spirited discussion.

This year’s short films include:

  • Atomic Hearts (6m)
  • Awakening Wanda (8m)


Less Scary Block

  • A Cloudy Moon (6m)
  • Bent Circuits (11m)
  • Man In The Mirror (8m)
  • Mutism (4m)
  • Rise Of The Cheese People (3m)
  • Rookie Mistake (7m)
  • Sitting In My Room (6m)
  • Super Skillet (8m)


Scarier Block

  • Reunion (6m)
  • A Walk In The Woods (6m)
  • Capital Games (7m)
  • Runners Less Extended (9m)
  • The Gatekeeper (13m)
  • The Gloam (6m)
  • Together (8m)